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Yesterday I tried something I have never done before. Hanging out with Smith, I have gotten to learn about and try a lot of new things.

We went to a park yesterday that is located near some train tracks. We were having a pleasant afternoon together lying on the grass swatting bugs, plugging the sprayers in the fountain with our thumbs and causing water to spray all over the place, sliding down the slide in the kids’ playground, and sitting on a picnic table gazing into each others’ eyes. Suddenly, we heard the train whistle blow.

Smith had previously convinced me that if you put a quarter on the train tracks, you can derail a train. He had been fascinated by this concept for some time, and he had mentioned it on numerous occasions when we heard the train pass by my house. Smith had grabbed some quarters out of his car as we arrived at the park, but I thought surely he wouldn’t jump in front of the train and attempt to cause destruction and chaos.

Apparently, I was wrong. The moment we heard the train coming, Smith leapt off the picnic table and became a blur in the distance. I fervently prayed that God would not take him from me just yet.

Minutes later, Smith came limping back, quarters still intact in his hands. He had a little spill on his run towards the train and did not make it to the tracks in time. It was our lucky day, however, because shortly after, another train whistle sounded. Again, Smith dashed towards the tracks. I tagged along behind and caught up with him in time to watch the train roll past us. He had placed his quarters on the rail just in time.

It became evident to me that Smith was not serious about the potential for derailing the train, but once the train had passed, he found his quarters on the ground, which had been melted by the wheels of the train into smooth, flat discs.

Smith had risked life and limb and had nearly broken his ribs (well, not really, but he did bang himself pretty good in his tumble towards the train) to turn his dollar into four worthless pieces of metal. But they looked so cool.

What did he do with his new and improved quarters? He gave three of them to me.

To me, this gesture symbolizes Smith’s love for me. He is so generous and kind, selfless and thoughtful. He demonstrates a love for me that I have never felt before. He honors me and cares for me so deeply. What probably seemed like a small gesture to him was very significant to me. He gave me three of his four quarters. Even though he had gone through an ordeal to put them on the tracks, he wanted me to have them.  He selflessly gave me more than he kept for himself. Smith loves me in so many little ways like this, as well as in big ways. I did nothing to deserve a blessing like him in my life, and I am so thankful for him.