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Halloween Cupcakes

I aimlessly wandered the aisles of Wal-Mart last week as often happens when I enter the brightly-lit, wide aisles filled with colorful displays, despite my best intentions to shop with a purpose and stay focused on my 4-item shopping list.  I was enticed by a spooky display of Wilton Halloween decorating supplies.  Halloween has long been my favorite holiday.  I love the warm clear air just beginning to chill in the evenings; the creepy spider, ghost, and pumpkin decorations make me smile; and I enjoy the creative aspect: one can dress up and be whoemver he or she wants for one night only.  There are endless possibilities, and I love possibilities.

Last month, I took a 4-week cake decorating course, and I have been eager to practice my “skills.”  So, I picked up a few fun cupcake decorations and plotted my masterpiece.

I decided to try making Wilton’s recipe for Buttercream Icing, in contrast to the Class Decorating Buttercream Icing to which I had previously been accustomed.  Several of the reviewers on Wilton’s site indicated that the Buttercream Icing was a bit thin, so I added only half the milk that the recipe called for.  However, I believe that the Buttercream Icing, while a mushier texture than the Class Decorating Buttercream Icing, needed the full amount of milk, as the icing came out of the decorating tip jagged on the edges (can be a result of icing that is too stiff).  I used salted butter as some of the reviewers recommended to cut the sweetness of the icing a bit.

I do not eat sweets and am far from being a connoiseur, but I had a small taste of each type of icing, and I believe that the Buttercream Icing tastes better.


I made my favorite cupcake recipe: one box of yellow cake mix and one 12-oz can of pumpkin stirred together and spooned into (pumpkin-printed) baking cups.  I baked a pan of 12 cupcakes on 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  These cupcakes turn out very moist and tasty.  (I do not add eggs, oil, or water as the instructions recommend.  The pumpkin substitutes for all of these ingredients.)

I made two recipes of Buttercream Icing and divided it in half.  I put Wilton orange food coloring in one batch and mixed Wilton green and yellow for the other batch.  I iced the cupcakes using the 1M tip and disposable decorating bags (no coupler used).  I had a fair amount of icing left over, but I think one recipe of the icing may not have been enough to ice the 12 pumpkin cupcakes.

I added fun Halloween toothpicks and voila!

I put the cupcakes in the refrigerator as a fun surprise for my wonderful husband Smith to find when he gets home from work tonight.